MeSTI (Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri)

What is MeSTI?

MeSTI, or Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri Certification Scheme is a rebranded scheme to replace the 1 Malaysia Food Security Scheme (SK1M). According to Food Hygiene Regulation 2009, every proprietor and occupier of food manufacturing premises to prepare and hold a Food Security Assurance Program. Hence, this certification is compulsory for the organization that didn’t have any other Food Safety Management System in place as MeSTI addresses the basic requirements to ensure food manufactured by the manufacturer are safe.

The basic elements of MeSTI are:

  • Design and facilities
  • Personnel
  • Training
  • Maintenance, cleaning and sanitation
  • Raw ingredient control
  • Process control
  • Packaging control
  • Storage control
  • Transportation and distribution control
  • Traceability

ADTAC Consultancy Services

ADTAC provide full consultancy services and guidance on MeSTI certification from scratch, development of procedures and established forms, guidance on the implementation until certificate is obtained. By engaging us, the process to get MeSTI certification will be a lot more faster and hassle free as we have the expert to build up the procedures for you !

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