GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices) for Feed Certification Scheme

What is GMP+?

Feed safety and quality are key issues for all companies handling feedstuffs and can have serious consequences when control is lost. Companies seeking to internationalize their business in Europe must be certified to a standard recognized by the GMP+International GMP+ (former PDV) organization. The GMP+ standards have been developed to harmonize requirements for feed in order to ensure quality and safety throughout the entire feed chain. It is based on widely recognized principles of quality assurance, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Choosing which standard (B1, B2, etc.) and certification scope (production of feed materials, trade, etc.) depends on the organization’s role in the feed chain.

GMP+B1 is mandatory for the production of compound feed, but can also be used for the production of feed materials and transport. B2 can be used for the production of feed materials and feed additives, while B3 is intended for trade and transshipment.

Each of these standards is intended for different means of feed transport (e.g. B4.1 is intended for truck transport). All steps in the supply chain are thus covered by the given requirements.

GMP+ certifications can be viewed online in the certified companies’ database on http://www.gmpplus.org/.


ADTAC Consultancy Services

ADTAC provide consultancy services for GMP+ from end to end, starting with compliance with plant facilities and design until complete certification audit. In ADTAC, we are focusing on process improvement and we believe that with effective Feed Safety Management System implementation, we can ensure Feed Safety and raising our clients’ standard to facilitate them in competing internationally.

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